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No One Will - Klaus/Stefan

Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Spoilers: Up to Homecoming
Warnings: Slash
Ship: Klefan
Disclaimers: I own absolutely nothing. Everything here belongs to other people. So, I’m making no money at all on this.
Summary: After the events of Homecoming, Klaus contemplates his relationship with Stefan, and what he is going to do about Stefan’s betrayal.
Word Count: 1256

No One Will

Night was the loneliest time. It was filled with silence and static, empty streets and darkness. Being a hybrid, Klaus could easily walk through the daytime hours, and he had preferred day to night. During the day, it was easier to move around, to put plans into actions. It was easier to pretend. The day had more illusions than the night, and Klaus was glad to believe in them. Night was too honest. It was a constant reminder of what his life was: a massive, empty, lonely tomb.

Klaus stood on the deck of the cabin he had rented, a good hour away from that hellhole, Mystic Falls. Night had blanketed itself over the skies and the chilly winds brushed against his face, ruffling his shorn blonde hair. If he had been mortal, he would have sought shelter or at least, pulled his black jacket closer to his flesh. It didn't matter. He could stand naked in sub-arctic temperatures and could care less. The lake surrounding the cabin was still and ink black in color. The only light provided was the sliver of the waning moon. His mind was reeling and he felt empty, betrayed, and a deep sense of longing. His mind kept going back to the one thing that made him feel like this.

Stefan Salvatore, the vampire that had gotten the best of him. The vampire who Klaus had trusted and had betrayed him for the last time. Klaus had released him from compulsion, and then, he turned right around and took his family from him. The words of that conversation still seared through his brain.  Were you prepared for this? He was never prepared for this, and it was the last time anyone would betray him.

It would have been so easy to have killed him. Stefan might have thought that he was clever, but Klaus knew that his race wasn't yet ran. He could already think of the ways. He could rip out Stefan's heart and make violin strings out of his intestines. He could string Stefan up on the flag pole, in the town square of Mystic Falls and set him on fire. He would let him burn before that miserable bitch that Stefan clung to and his piece of shit brother. Either sounded wonderful to Klaus. But that was the crux of the situation: he didn't want Stefan dead.

Klaus knew how simple it would be to rid himself of Stefan. But, he felt something for him. He wished for nothing more than Stefan to return to him. Being the fool he knew he was, he knew that he would forgive Stefan again, if he just came back.

Why did he do it? That was the question he kept asking himself, again and again. Klaus had released him. His father was dead, and Klaus was ready to move on. Stefan could go back to that pathetic half-life he craved and pretend he was mortal all he liked. To Klaus, he could not figure out why. But the icing on this rancid cake was that Stefan thought nothing of what was between them. It was the one thing that the Ripper did well; see only what he wanted to see.

They had history. They had ninety years of history and all Stefan did was walk out on it. Klaus never had. Though he left, he never forgot Stefan. It was that one time he had felt a connection. It was that one time he had felt that emotion alien to him... Love.

Klaus thought back to those days in Chicago, back to the glittering dance halls and speakeasies. These were magical, perfect times. Stefan wasn't the way he was now. He had such fire to him. The gaze that came from those dark eyes would burn Klaus alive and Klaus wanted to burn in that fire. He had wanted that more than anything and Klaus got his wish. One night, after many nights of carousing, Stefan reached over and kissed him. Stefan's lips had tasted sweet, mingled with the blood that he had drank. It was intoxicating. Klaus was never quite sure what had possessed Stefan to do it. Maybe it was the times. Maybe it was the bond that was forming between them. But bloody kisses gave way to much more.

There were nights they would linger in palatial hotel rooms, feeding, conversing, and somehow, always, their bodies would become entwined. Through kisses and bites, Klaus lived on a diet of Stefan. It wasn't perfect, however. He could never fully have Stefan to himself. Some nights Stefan would be with Rebekah, leading her on, letting her believe it was something more. Or, it would be the schoolgirls, filling his apartment with pleated skirt wearing bodies and more names to add to his list. But, Klaus didn't care. Humans had their laws about fidelity and their kind was above such things. He knew where Stefan's heart lie and that was all that mattered, but none of it made it any easier to leave.

Klaus would have loved to have taken him with Rebekah and himself, but it couldn't happen. Stefan was a liability and Klaus made him forget. But, Klaus was the one that was stuck with the memories and he could never forget those dark eyes that smoldered. It felt like his punishment. The one moment that he was allowed that brief moment of companionship, it was quickly taken away from him by Mikael. Klaus left, but he felt that Stefan would find him again, when the time was right.

So it came as a surprise when Stefan walked through that apartment door, asking for his help. Stefan was willing to sell his soul to the devil himself, if that meant saving that waste of flesh. What better devil than Klaus himself? He knew what was to come of such a deal and he would have everything he ever wanted. He had thought that the curse was broken fully and he would have Stefan by his side. Klaus, at that moment, thought he had it all.

He had nothing. What he had gotten was not the man he loved but a traitorous, shell of a man that he had once loved. Klaus tried so hard to bring him to the surface, but it was all in vain, all because Stefan was in love with that one human girl and the idea of humanity. He betrayed him three times, like Judas in that Bible that humans seemed to cling to. The first time, it was the fact that Elena Gilbert was still alive. The second time, it was the fact that he couldn't kill Elena when he asked, and he had to compel him. Then the last time, when Stefan took his family from him. Klaus was in love with a memory and a stranger all at the same time.

All that history, all that between them and Stefan still left him, still betrayed him. He wanted to kill Stefan and yet, he wanted Stefan. It seemed as if Klaus could have nothing at all.

Klaus smirked to himself and turned to head into the cabin. If Klaus could have nothing, then Stefan would have nothing. If Stefan wanted to take his family, Klaus would take all those he loved. Klaus would make Stefan's life like his, until Stefan realized what was right in front of him. Right at this moment, Klaus could relate to that human sentiment, "If I can't have him, then no one will."


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Nov. 13th, 2011 01:35 am (UTC)
Oh, poor, unwanted Klaus! ;_;

This was great and your Klaus POV is exactly how I see it as well. Klaus obviously has some lingering feelings for Stefan, or he would have killed him a long time ago. They can keep calling it friendship or brotherhood or whatever the hell they like, but, I mean, come on. They way Klaus keeps looking at Stefan and touching him all the time, I don't know who they think they're trying to fool.

So, anyway. Thanks for writing this little vignette. I enjoyed it very much! :)
Nov. 13th, 2011 07:49 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for the complements. It makes my day.

You honestly hit on the head my problems with most of Stefan's relationships. They have this tendency to build up such tension and so many little other things, but they completely brush it over and pay no real mind to it. It happened with Lexi, Katherine, and Rebekah. It also happens majorly with Klaus. I thought it was kind of a cop-out that instead of exploring his feelings about Klaus after Klaus had told him the truth about Chicago in the twenties; that Stefan still continued to feel nothing but hatred for Klaus. It's just too easy. I guess if TVD was on a different network, they could explore that.

But, thanks again.
Nov. 13th, 2011 03:16 am (UTC)
Oh awesome. I really liked this a lot. :)
Nov. 13th, 2011 07:36 am (UTC)
Thank you very much!
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 14th, 2011 06:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the nice compliments and I do agree with you. I think it would be awesome to see what would happen if the Klaus/Stefan storyline wasn't constrained by the network's limits.

Thanks again!
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